West End District, Lakewood


WE Lakewood guides community growth through collaborative initiatives which mark the West End of Lakewood as a unique and unified neighborhood.


The WE District footprint includes Detroit Avenue and Sloane Avenue, from the western most boundary of Lakewood to Cranford Avenue.


The West End Lakewood Alliance is committed to engaging businesses, residents, and community stakeholders through collaborative projects and special activities that connect and benefit all who celebrate in our unique and diverse Neighborhood District. Together we aspire to shape a bright and thriving future for the West End of Lakewood community.

WE guide the sustainability and vibrancy of the West End Lakewood District through:

  • Uniting local businesses and community stakeholders to promote shared goals and mutual benefits
  • Shaping the strategic direction of our community’s future
  • Marketing and branding our neighborhood to showcase our distinctive District identity
  • Engaging in placemaking initiatives which create a community atmosphere that is welcoming, active, and enjoyable for all walks of life
  • Establishing special events and activities that are unique to our own District, and which drive community development and economic viability


The West End District and its Alliance are guided by the West End District Taskforce. View our Taskforce members here.